Judge: Kirsi Sainio (Finland)

Today was supposed to be a good chance at coming something other than last for us, but it was just bad from the get-go. The taxi driver who our usual taxi driver sent, didn't come to get us at 1, and we waited about 10 minutes, then started calling other companies. The first taxi that arrived came at 1.40pm. We rushed to the entrance, trying to get our number/registration done and there were just a bunch of people milling about and it took about 10 minutes for someone to even come to help us.

The next bit of bad luck: the ring numbers had changed, and a fifth ring had been built in. There are now 5 judges for the remaining 4 days... and the judging was going a lot faster. We ran around trying to find out where we were, and arrived just in time to see the judge finish with the bitches in Ashra's class. She let us in to be judged anyway, but it was not a fair judgement at all, we had less than a minute total in the ring, and we weren't compared to the others gaiting in a circle or even stacking together. We stacked in front of her, and then did the down and back, and ran around by ourselves. The upside? I think we did it very well, no mistakes. We just had... no time, and weren't judged against the others.

The result: third, graded excellent.

Miss Ugly isn't coming back, but another bitch is competing in the last four days.

And then there's more bad news... the English judge isn't doing the Dobermanns. The last three days are all US judges (maybe some of you have heard of them):  
Friday - Robert Slay
Saturday - Steven Gladston
Sunday - Ronald Menaker

I don't even feel like turning up to handle under them. Our last experience with a US judge was definitely not a good one, and he pretty much waved my dog out without even looking at her (and that was with a professional handler).

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    I originally hail from Australia, although I can be found in different parts of the world.  I stumbled upon my first accidental show dog (Ashra) and pedigree Dobermann this year and I am currently in the process of looking for the second addition to our team.  I'm a lostie trying to make it in the show/sport world without a clue. Learning as I go, as newbies do. I aim to document my experiences as accurately, and truthfully as I can, because I myself have found that such information (from the point of view of the "nobody"), is lacking and elusive.


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