Judge: Inbimbo Nicola (Italy)

Today was awful. We screwed up both the gaiting and the stacking except for one before the hands on examination. Why? Because there were about 50 pieces of liver spread all over the carpet, and Ashra kept lunging to get them, her head was in "Schutzhund deep nose tracking" position almost the entire time. The judge was not at all impressed - he even made us go around again immediately, but it was the same thing. Ugh... well, I didn't know you could hold their muzzle during the stack (maybe that's stupid, but I had the impression they would mark you down for it), but if tomorrow is anything like today that is definitely what I will be doing. An iron grip. I don't know what to do to improve the gaiting, though. Pull her along by the ear like a naughty little child?!

Anyway, it turns out Miss Ugly has left the competition because she came into heat, so as far as I know (I'll have to check to see if anyone else signed up for the final four days of competition), it's just Ashra and Princess de Akido San.

The result today: second, graded very good.

Some other eventful happenings:

Two handlers from another Dobermann kennel came up to me and asked me when I planned on breeding Ashra, and if I was already taking reservations for puppies. I thought it was weird, but maybe this happens a lot at dog shows?

Also the groomers sent one of the kennels' trainers to work with us on the quick stacking and stack after gaiting, and he was sleazy with a capital S, but at least he helped us out. Maybe we need to hang a sign over our necks which says "Thank you, but at the moment neither of us are available for breeding".

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