Judge: Ricardo Forastieri (Mexico)

Today wasn't bad at all, we did the gaiting very well, I believe. We stacked up quite well in the first round, the only thing is that Ashra sat after the examination and I didn't have time to stack her again before our next run around the ring. I didn't use any bait today, and I think it's probably better if I don't take it out until AFTER I've stacked her, because she tends to get very excited.

There was only one competitor today: Princess de Akido San (Miss Ugly wasn't showing, I don't know why... but I saw her after the show) and so we came second, graded excellent.

I think tomorrow should be just as good, if not better - I was watching the Italian judge and he took his sweet time, asking the handlers to move the dogs twice or more, and stack them various times.

After the groomers I'd been talking to gave me a demo and a few tips, a handler came out, some sleazy type... and started asking me questions about my dog like where I got her from, how much she cost etc. Then he proceeded to tell me that she was a nice dog to practice on, and that if I was serious about show I should get myself a higher quality dog. I said to him: oh, really... I'm curious, would you please tell me what she's missing that a higher quality dog has? The only thing he could tell me is that her ears should be cropped and her tail docked a bit longer.
Then I gave him my opinion about the ugly bitch who has been competing with her (and then whoops, speak of the devil some guy walked Miss Ugly out of their stall area) and so then I asked him what she had that Ashra doesn't, since her feet are terrible and she's a floppy crop etc. He told me that her chest was more prominent. (Really? That's all?). He then proceeded to tell me about how my pet was nice, but I should sell her and get a show dog because she'll never win. She's not refined, she's too big and she's built like a male.

I humoured him: I appreciate your opinion, but I'm sure the judges weren't grading her excellent due to my handling.
He looked at me a little cautiously: who gave her the grading excellent?
Me: all of them (okay, except the Argentinean judge who gave her very good, but it was the majority).
He then told me he was busy and going back inside the stall, and he just up and left. I told the taxi driver this story (it's been the same guy taking us back and forth each day), and he just burst out laughing: IT'S SO OBVIOUS HE WANTED TO TRICK YOU INTO SELLING YOUR DOG, BUT YOU FOUND HIM OUT! I didn't even realize it at the time, but now it is kind of funny. The guy didn't want to talk to me after that but apparently he's going to watch us in the ring tomorrow. Maybe he intends to try again.

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    I originally hail from Australia, although I can be found in different parts of the world.  I stumbled upon my first accidental show dog (Ashra) and pedigree Dobermann this year and I am currently in the process of looking for the second addition to our team.  I'm a lostie trying to make it in the show/sport world without a clue. Learning as I go, as newbies do. I aim to document my experiences as accurately, and truthfully as I can, because I myself have found that such information (from the point of view of the "nobody"), is lacking and elusive.


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