Judge: Andres Villalobos (Mexico)

Every single one of those English Bulldogs was there again today, but we arrived around 2pm and only had to wait about 20 minutes for our turn. Supposedly it'll be the same time for the rest of the show, just different rings (and judges, obviously) and one of the guys at the office said he'd save me a catalogue for the next four days. I really hope so... I'd like to know who my dog is competing against. And who those floppy crops are.

Today it was the same number of females, but there was a new one, along with the other two from yesterday. A really terrible looking one, that I thought we might have a chance of beating (floppy crop, completely flat footed and with muddy colouring)... The dickhead handler who swore at me the other day wasn't there, thankfully, and the other two were nice, telling me when it was time and to follow them (the announcements were just whispered along by the assistants to the people at the ring entrance, who then passed the message onto other handlers who all obviously knew each other).

I think Ashra is getting back to her usual self. I woke up late today, dreading a repeat of yesterday and Ashra basically kept jumping on me until I got out of bed - she was really excited about going to the show?! Well, we did the gaiting quite well (no slip ups!), and stacking was alright with the exception of a few attempts at stealing another dog's bait out from the hands of the handler behind us. I remedied it by systematically feeding a chain of 10-12 Lucky Charms (couldn't find tiny dog treats, so this was the substitute) into her mouth until she finally paid attention. I didn't stack her very well, concentrating more on holding her attention, but she didn't break the stack more than twice, so I think it's a better strategy until she gets used to remaining focused. Still, a huge improvement of focus compared to yesterday, and during the examination she was very good and didn't try to sit or wriggle.

So, I thought perhaps we could make it to third today??? But of course, we were beaten by the flat footed floppy crop. I'm not even going to go there... but I'm starting to get the impression that floppy crops > natural ears is the case here?

The result: fourth place, graded excellent.

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