What a surprise: Mexican Dobermann bitches are tiny! Ashra is not that big herself (at 62cm at the withers, currently), and yet she was the biggest one there, and the only other bitch with her body type was twice her age. Anyway, another strange aspect I saw was that the 'Mark of the Dictator', as some call it, a ridge-like cowlick, seems to be bred for here in Mexico.

So, about those results:
On Saturday Ashra was very distracted, looking at me and not following her handler properly, refusing to hold a stack etc. As a result, the judge barely even looked at her, except for when he had to check her teeth. I'm not sure if Ashra's natural ears had something to do with it as well... quite a disappointment - I was not expecting to win, but for the judge to not even look at my dog was rather discouraging.

Sunday was a HUGE improvement, Ashra was walking well and paid attention (she was bribed with a sausage), but unfortunately she lost out to an 18 month old red bitch, whose handler laughed at me saying that the judge was gay, winking and obviously into him. Oh well, at least she came in second! That's not too shabby for her first show weekend :).

I figured though, for her next show, in order to save money I'm going to handle her myself at Expocan in Mexico city. Just how well I'll do, we'll have to see, but even though I won't be able to take any pictures I can be sure of one thing: she's not going to be distracted and looking for me in the crowd ;-). I think with 10 days of showing we may be able to have a bit of luck this time.

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    I originally hail from Australia, although I can be found in different parts of the world.  I stumbled upon my first accidental show dog (Ashra) and pedigree Dobermann this year and I am currently in the process of looking for the second addition to our team.  I'm a lostie trying to make it in the show/sport world without a clue. Learning as I go, as newbies do. I aim to document my experiences as accurately, and truthfully as I can, because I myself have found that such information (from the point of view of the "nobody"), is lacking and elusive.


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